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Dr. A. H. M. Kamal

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Computer Science and Engineering
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Area of Interest

Information Security, Reversible Image Steganography, Medical Imaging, Healthcare, IoT



Dr. A. H. M. Kamal




PABX: 09032-56212-364

Mobile: +88 017-32226-402


Research Interest:

Medical Imaging, ICT for Improving Healthcare Services, Information Security, Information Fusion


PhD, CSE, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh


M.Sc in Information Technology

UPC, Barcelona, Spain

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

M.Sc in Information Technology

UCL, Belgium

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship


B.Sc. (Engg.) in Electronics and Computer Science

(Present Computer Science and Engineering Department of SUST)

SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh


HSC, Dhaka Residential Model College, Bangladesh


SSC, Sandikona High School, Netrakona, Bangladesh


Professor (May-2018 to till)

Associate Professor (March-2014 to May-2018)

Assistant Professor (April-2008 to March-2014)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University,

Trishal, Mymensingh-2220, Bangladesh

Radio Room Supervisor (Dec-2007 to April-2008)

United Nation Department of Safety and Security. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Assistant Professor (Aug-2005 to Dec-2007)

Lecturer(July-2001 to July-2005)

University of Science and Technology Chittagong


      1.    Doctoral Fellowship

     Fellowship Authority: ICT Division,

     Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and IT, Government of Bangladesh.

      2.    Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for double M.Sc. programs.

      Scholarship Authority: European Union

      3.    Scholarship at different academic years in B.Sc. Engg. program.

4.  Double Star (both in SSC and HSC)

      5.    Dhaka board scholarship on SSC result.

      6.     Talent pool scholarship (In Class VIII)

      7.   Primary scholarship

8.  Various private scholarships

Social/Professional links:


List of conducted courses in BSc, MS and PhD program:

  1. Stochastic Process
  2. Advanced Network Security
  3. Advanced Communication Network
  4. Digital Signal Processing
  5. Computer Graphics
  6. Data Communication
  7. Compiler Construction
  8. Computer Networks
  9. Theory of Computing
  10. Algorithms
  11. Digital Logic Designs
  12. Object Oriented Programming in C++
  13. Data Structure
  14. Structured Programming
  15. Computer Programming in C
  16. Discrete Mathematics
  17. Computer Fundamentals
  18. Operating System
  19. Artificial Intelligence

Training: Large Scale Project Management

Title: Making the Department Research Capability Upgrading Its Teachers, Lab Resources and Strategies;

Funding Authority: Govt. of Bangladesh and World Bank through HEQEP of UGC of Bangladesh;             

Worth: 14.7Million Taka (0.17 Million USD);            Duration: 3 years;             

My Role: Chief Implementer.

Publication list:


Journals :

  1. Akter O., Moni M. A., Islam M. M., Quinn J. M. W., Kamal A. H. M., “Lung cancer detection using enhanced segmentation accuracy”, Journal of Applied Intelligence, Springer’s Journal,, [Journal Metrics: {Impact Factor: 3.325}], [Abstracting/Indexing: {Science Citation Index}], 2020
  2. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., Islam Z., ” An embedding technique for smart card supported e-healthcare services“, Iranian Journal of Computer Science, Springer International Publishing AG, 2020
  3. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., “A prediction error based histogram association and mapping technique for data embedment”, Journal of Information Security and Applications, ELSEVIER’s Journal, Vol. 48, [Journal Metrics: {CiteScore: 3.17Impact Factor: 2.327, SJR: 0.387}], [Abstracting/Indexing: {Scopus, Science Citation Index Expanded}], 2019
  4. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., “A new histogram-shifting-imitated embedding scheme”, Journal of Applied Computer Science and Technology, IEB Publisher, 1(2): 82-86, 2019
  5. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., ” An image distortion-based enhanced embedding scheme “, Iranian Journal of Computer Science, Springer International Publishing AG, 1(3): 175-186, 2018
  6. Kamal A. H. M., “Securing the Smart Card Authentications Process by Embedment Random Number of Data Bits into Each Pixel”, International Journal of u- and e- Service, Science and Technology,  Science & Engineering Research Support Society Publication, 10(7): 43-53, 2017, [Journal Metrics: { SJR: 0.11}]
  7. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., “Enhancing embedding capacity and stego image quality by employing multi predictors”, Journal of Information Security and ApplicationsELSEVIER’s Journal, 32: 59-74, 2017, [Journal Metrics: {CiteScore: 3.17Impact Factor: 2.327, SJR: 0.387}], [Abstracting/Indexing: {Scopus, Science Citation Index Expanded}]
  8. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., “Enhancing the performance of the data embedment process through encoding errors”, Journal of ElectronicsMDPI’s Journal, 5(4): 79-95, 2016, [Journal Metrics: {CiteScore: 1.9, Impact Factor: 2.412}], [Abstracting/Indexing: {Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus }]
  9. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., “Boosting up the data hiding rate multi cycle embedment process”, Journal of Visual Communication and Image RepresentationELSEVIER’s Journal, 40: 574-588, 2016, [Journal Metrics: {CiteScore: 4.9, Impact Factor: 2.479, SJR: 0.508}], [Abstracting/Indexing: { Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus}]
  10. Habiba S., Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., “Enhancing the robustness of visual degradation based HAM reversible data hiding”, Journal of Computer Science, 12(2): 88-97, 2016, [Journal Metrics: { SJR: 0.3}], [Abstracting/Indexing: {Scopus}]
  11. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., “Facilitating and securing offline e-medicine service through image steganography”, Healthcare Technology Letters, 1(2): 74-79, 2014[Journal Metrics: { CiteScore: 3.1, SNIP:1.157, SJR: 0.451}], [Abstracting/Indexing: {PubMed, PubMed Central, Emerging Source Citation Index}]
  12. Kamal A. H. M., “Retrieving Packets from Losing during Service Disruption Time, During Vertical Handover among UMTS and WLAN”, Int. J. Advanced Networking and Applications, 3(4): 1229-1232, 2012[Journal Metrics: {Indian UGC Approved}]
  13. Kamal A. H. M., “Cross application of Round Robin Scheduling and Shortest Job First Serve in CPU Scheduling to improve preemptive scheduling”, Journal of Nazrul University, 1(1): 9-14, 2012
  14. Kamal A. H. M., “UB Operator precedence parsing algorithm”, Computer Science & Engineering Research Journal, 7 (2010-2011):  37-42, 2011
  15. Kamal A. H. M., “An Algorithm to trigger VHO based on the speed of roamer – who is just leaving the WLAN in a room”, Int. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Science and Engineering, Canada, 3(1): 21-25, 2010
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  22. Kamal A. H. M., Islam M. K., Hossain M. G., “Insertion Sort with Binary Search”, USTC Teachers Annual (USTA-2003), 9(1): 152-156, 2003

Conference Proceedings:

  1. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., “Enhancing the embedding payload by handling the affair of association and mapping of block pixels through prediction errors histogram”, in Proceedings of International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security (NSysS)BUET, Dhaka, 5-8 January, 2016
  2. Kamal A. H. M. and Islam M. M., “Capacity improvement of reversible data hiding scheme through better prediction and double cycle embedding process”, in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (ANTS)Kolkata, India, 16-18 December 2015
  3. Kamal A. H. M., Islam M. K., Construction of deterministic finite automata (DFA) from regular expression, in Proceedings of Computer, Communication and Control Technologies, CCCT, Florida, USA, Volume 5, 2003
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  5. Kamal A. H. M., Salam M. A., “Paging Binary Search Algorithm”, in Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Computer Communication and Information Technology (ICCIT), Vol. 1, pp. 95-99, Bangladesh, 2003



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