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Niger Sultana

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Niger Sultana holds MS and BSS degree  in Anthropology from University of Dhaka and She is the very first one in Bangladesh who takes her teaching in Folklore from Anthropology background.  Her area of interest includes  Storytelling, Folklore and Gender,  Anthropology of Fashion,  Material Culture,  Knowledge and Discourse, Anthropology of Islam, Sustainability and Indigenous Architecture, Digital Folklore.

Contact Information:


Mobile: 01712845471

Her Published Articles include:

“Gendered Power and Fashion: An Anthropological Spectacle”.

” Construction of Feminine Discourse Through Proverbs: A Post-Colonial Approach to Study Folklore”.

Participation of Conference:

Presented a paper titled ” Women and Material culture: Rethinking Western Stereotypes”  in the International Conference on changing Materials in South Asia on March 03, 2019

Presented  a paper titled “Constructed Feminine discourse: Norms and Practices of Girls Madrasah” in the  International Conference on Gender Mainstreaming in Politics, Administration And Development in South Asia and Beyond jointly organized By North South University Bangladesh and University of Bergen, Norway on November 18-19, 2017.

Other Achievements

She organized Visual Folklore Workshop on 20 March 2019 and Convened the conference on “Folklore as Meta-communication Device” jointly with Dr. Atiza Dill Afrose on 7th April, 2019 at  the Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University.

Her conducted Courses are:

(FL-102) Folk Riddles and Proverbs , (FL-107) Folk Festival and Folk Game,  (FL- 205) Introducing Sociology, (FL-305) Introduction to Anthropology,  (FL- 405) Ethnic Group and Ethnology of Bengal, (FL 407) Audio-Visual Media and Folk Media, Currently teaching (FL-203) Cultural Theories, and  (FL 502) Gender and Folklore .



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