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Shimlin Jahan Khanam

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Assistant Professor
Population Science
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Area of Interest

Demography, Public Health, Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, Epidemiology, Gender issue in Population Studies.



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M.S.S, Department of Population Sciences, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

B.S.S, Department of Population Sciences, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

H.S.C, Science, Dhaka Board.

S.S.C, Science, Dhaka Board.



*Assistant Professor

11th October,2023—Present


11th October, 2021—10th October,2023

Department of Population Science,

Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University,

Trishal, Mymensingh-2220, Bangladesh.



Under-graduation and Graduation Scholarships from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research Publications:


Published article (***Indicates joint first author):


1.     Khanam SJ, Khan MN. Examining the Influence of Child Nutritional Disorders on Early Childhood Development in Bangladesh: Insights from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey. Public Health Nutrition, 2024.

2.     Alam MB, Rana MS, Kabir MA, Khanam SJ, Khan MN. Pattern of contraceptive use among reproductive-aged women with disability in Bangladesh: Evidence from Bangladesh Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2019. Disability and Health, 2024.

3.     Khan MN, Khanam SJ, Alam MB, Chowdhury AR, Kabir MA, Khan MMA. Availability and readiness of healthcare facilities and their effects on antenatal care services uptake in Bangladesh: analysis of linked data. BMC Health Services, 2024.

4.     Khan Mn, Khanam SJ, Billah MA, Khan MMA, Islam MM. Children’s Sex Composition and Modern Contraceptive Use among Mothers in Bangladesh. PLoS ONE, 2024.


5.     Fatemia K, Khanam SJ, Rahman MM, Khan MN. Clustering of home delivery in Bangladesh and its predictors: evidence from the linked household and health facility level survey data. PLoS Global Public Health, 2024.


6.     Khan MN, Khanam SJ***, Alam MB. Exploring the Impact of Preconception Care and Unintended Pregnancy on Access to Antenatal Healthcare Services among Rohingya Women: Insights from a Cross-Sectional Survey. Journal of Migration and Health. 2024,9:100213.


7.     Rana MS, Alam MB, Khanam SJ***, Kabir MI, Khandaker G, Khan MN. Prevalence and patterns of comorbidities in people with disabilities and their associated socio-demographic factors. Scientific Reports, 2024, 16;14(1):1425.


8.     Khan MN, Khalif IY, Rana MS, Khan MMA, Khanam SJ, Alam MB. Improving the uptake of contraception, Somalia. Bull World Health Organization, 2024, 102(1):75-76.


9.     Khanam SJ, Khan MN. Effects of Parental Migration on Early Childhood Development of Left-Behind Children in Bangladesh: Evidence from a Nationally Representative Survey. PLoS ONE, 2023, 18(11):094235.


10.  Khan MN, Khanam SJ. The effectiveness of WHO’s interpregnancy interval advice. The Lancet Global Health, 2023,11(10).


11.  Khan MN, Khanam SJ***. Women’s participation in childbearing decision-making and its effects on short-interval births in Rohingya refugee camps of Bangladesh. The Lancet Regional Health-Southeast Asia, 2023, 15:100250.


12.  Khan MN, Khanam SJ, Khan MMA, Islam MM, Harris ML. Effects of lower tiers of government healthcare facilities on unmet need for contraception and contraception use in Bangladesh. PloS One 2023, 18(8): e0290468.


13.  Khanam SJ, Haque MA. Prevalence and determinants of malnutrition among primary school going children in the haor areas of Kishoreganj district of Bangladesh. Heliyon. 2021 Sep 1;7(9).



Submitted articles (***Indicates joint first author):


1.               Hossain MA, Khanam SJ, Khan MN, Oldroyd J, Islam MM. Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening among Refugee Women: A Systematic Review. Journal of Community Health (under-review).

2.               Alam MB, Khanam SJ***, Khan MN. Women’s empowerment and uptake of skilled delivery healthcare services in Bangladesh: Evidence from nationally representative survey. PLoS ONE, 2024 (under-review).

3.               Khanam SJ, Alam MB, Rana MS, Khan MN. Association between women’s empowerment and modern contraception uptake in Bangladesh: Evidence from Bangladesh Demographic and Health survey. PLoS Global Public Health, 2024 (under-review).

4.               Khanam SJ, Alam MB, Kabir MA, Khan MN. Exploring Essential Newborn Care Practices and Predictors Among Non-Institutional Births in Urban Bangladesh. BMC Public Health, 2024 (under-review).

5.               Khanam SJ, Alam MB, Kabir MA, Khan MN. Effects of Disability on Early Childhood Development in 3 to 4-Year-Old Children in South Asian Countries: Evidence from Multiple Indicators Cluster Surveys. BMC Paediatrics, 2023 (under-review).

6.               Khanam SJ, Alam MB, Khan MN. The association between women’s empowerment and diarrhoea in children under five years in Bangladesh: a nationally representative study. PLoS Global Public Health, 2023 (under-review).

7.               Alam MB, Khanam SJ***, Rana MS, Khandaker G, Kabir MA, Khan MN. Exploring the effects of disability on adverse health and nutritional outcomes among under-five children in South Asian Countries: Evidence from Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys. Lancet Regional Health- Southeast Asia, 2023 (under-review).

8.               Khan MN, Khanam SJ, Islam MM. Barriers to Contraceptive Use Among People Living with Chronic Conditions: A Qualitative Study. BMC Public Health, 2023 (under-review).

9.               Khan MN, Khanam SJ, Khan MMA, Islam MM. Exploring the Relationship between Maternal Healthcare Service Utilization and Access to Modern Postpartum Family Planning Methods: Findings from a National Representative Survey in Bangladesh. PLoS ONE, 2023 (under-review).

10.            Khan MN, Khanam SJ, Harris ML. Comparing the Demographic and Health Survey’s timing-based measure of unintended pregnancy to the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy in Bangladesh. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 2023 (under-review).

11.            Khan MN, Khanam SJ, Akter S, Billah MA, Khan MMA. The impact of women’s education and employment status on early marriage, and the subsequent effect on their continuation of education and employment: A mixed-method study. BMC Women’s Health, 2022 (under-review).

12.            Khan MMA, Billah MA, Fatima K, Khanam SJ, Islam MM, Sarker BK, Banke-Thomas A, Khan MN. Child undernutrition and its association with household environmental conditions in Bangladesh. Heliyon, 2022 (under-review).

13.            Rana MS, Alam MB, Hossen MT, Kabir MI, Khanam SJ, Khan MN. Exploration of Modern Contraceptive Methods Using Patterns among Late Reproductive Aged Women in Bangladesh. PLoS ONE, 2022 (under-review).

14.            Fatemia K, Khanam SJ, Rahman MM, Khan MN. Effects of health facility level factors on accessing normal delivery services in hospitals in Bangladesh: evidence from linked population and health facility survey data. BMC Health Service Research, 2022 (under-review).

15.            Khalif MI, Alam MB, Khan MMA, Khanam SJ, Khan MN. Contraception Crisis in Somalia: Unveiling the Shocking Reality of a Nation Left Behind. Health and Social Care in the Community, 2022 (under-review).

16.            Alam MB, Billah MA, Khanam SJ, Khalif IY, Khan MN. Unmet Contraception Need Among Married Women in Somalia: Findings from the First National Health and Demographic Survey. PLoS ONE, 2022 (under-review).


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Shimlin Jahan Khanam

Assistant Professor

Department of Population Science

Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

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