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CSE 301: Microprocessors

1_CSE 301_Introduction 2_CSE 301_Microprocessor Software Concepts 3_CSE 301_Intel 8085 Microprocessor 4_CSE 301_Intel 8086 Microprocessors 5_CSE 301_Overview of Other Processors

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My Own Notice Board

How to write a research article

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IEB_Vol_01_No_02        NSysS 2016 Proceedings                2. MultiPredictor_ISA2016                                                         1. Securing the Smart Card Authentications Process by Embedment          … Continue reading "Publications"

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Bangla Tutorial for C

C Tutorial 2 Final              C Tutorial 3 Final                  C Tutorial 4 Final                     C Tutorial 5 Final

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CSE 447: Digital Signal Processing

  1_CSE 447_Introduction_to_signals 2_CSE 447_The Z Transform 3_CSE 447_DFT 4_CSE 447_Digital filters  

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