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MSS-2, BSS-8 Semesters
MSS-27.5 BSS-126

Department of Economics is one of the dominant departments of the Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, named after the national poet of Bangladesh. The department started its journey from second academic year, 2007-08, of the university. It was inagurated on 20 April in 2008 with two faculty members Rehmuma Ferdous, Md. Bakhtiar Uddin along with 58 students. Founding chairman of the department was the founding vice-chancellor, Prof. Dr. Shamsur Rahman. The objectives of the department include dissemination of knowledge, offering education and pragmatic researching in the field of Economics. The department of Economics puts greater emphasis on building job market oriented skill in the graduate so that they can easily find their niche in practical field. The department currently offers bachelor degree in Economics and has a plan to run a Master degree program in near future. B.S.S (Bachelor of Social Science) programme includes a wide range of forty courses to encompass all the major branches of the discipline. Some of the courses are Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Labour Economics, International Economics, Environmental Economics, and Health Economics. To have wider knowledge the programme offers some other courses on Accounting, Banking, Finance, capital market, Sociology, Political science, economy of Bangladesh and Micro financing for poverty alleviation. Along with teaching-learning the department arranges seminar on economic and public policies. For extracurricular activities of the student the department strongly patronize student. On regular basis the department arranges cultural and outing events for the students.

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Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam
Ms. Rehnuma Ferdous
Associate Professor(On study leave)
Md. Bakhtiar Uddin
Associate Professor
MD. Tanjil Hossain
Associate Professor
Md. Shahnewaz Khan
Associate Professor
Alfarunnahar Ruma
Associate Professor
Soma Rani Sutradhar
Associate Professor
Joy Saha
Assistant Professor
MD. Shafiqul Islam
Assistant Professor
Rashadur Rahman
Assistant Professor
Shabikunnahar Bonna
Laily Akter
Ashik Md. Firuz Akbar Siddique
Personal Officer
MD. Anwar Hossain
Office Assistant
Shakil Ahmed

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