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BSS-8 semesters

Department of sociology at JKKNIU has played a significant role in defining the nature of the discipline. Sociology identifies the problems of society and takes measures relevant information and suggestions for the policy makers to solve those problems. The department of sociology offers BSS honors in sociology and MSS in sociology. For the time being the graduate program is running. Our graduate program teaches students to think analytically about our society, social structure, social institutions and social organizations. The department, particularly focuses on few major subfields of sociology- social history, introduction to anthropology, social psychology, rural sociology, gender and society, family, marriage and kinship, social inequality, social structure of Bangladesh, social problems of Bangladesh, classical sociological theories, urban sociology, sociology of environment, research methodology and there are also others issues.

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Welcome to our department of sociology. This is Md. Reazul Islam and the head of the department of sociology at Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University. Actually, I am highly advantaged to work in collaboration with the outstanding academics in the department of sociology at JKKNIU. This is one of the major departments in the social science faculty of Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh, Bangladesh has extensive research and academic excellence. Sociology came into being as the youngest of the social science in 1839 in France. Auguste Comte (1789-1857) a French philosopher and scientist is officially recognized as the founding father of sociology. Sociology has begun its Journey at JKKNIU since January 2019. Sociology is popularly known as the science of society, but acuity goes to sociology that alone studies various aspects of society applying scientific methods. Sociology is a research based science of society. It always seeks truth to understand the social structure and function of the society. The department of sociology is like a family of the faculty members and the students. The department of sociology flourishes methodology, social and cultural diversity.

Md. Reazul Islam
Assistant Professor & Head of the Dept.
Sonya Farhana Sony
Md. Masudur Rahman
Assistant Professor
Rashed Hossain

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