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M.B.S. (Accounting), Anandamohan College, Mymensingh


Mobile: 01792731270

M.Sc (Geography and Environmental Studies), Rajshahi University
7 years in Private University & 5 Years in Public University as an Office Manager
Student of 5th Batch in IDB-Bishow Scholarship Project For Computer Programing Course


Mobile:  01738299021

Mobile:  01715840790



Master of Laws (LLM) , Jagannath University, Passing Year 2018, First Position in the Department Bachelor of Laws (LLB) , Jagannath University, Passing Year 2017, Second Position in the Department Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) Chittagong Board, Science Group, Passing Year 2012 Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Chittagong Board, Science Group, Passing Year 2010
Lecturer, Department of Law and Justice, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University October 17, 2022- Present
Former Lecturer, Department of Law, Sonargaon University January 25, 2020 – August 31, 2021 (Part-Time) September 1, 2021- October 16, 2021 (Full Time)
1. First Grade Scholarship with First Position in Begum Rahima Hoque Memorial Scholarship Examination in Class Four
2. Talentpool Scholarship in Government Primary School Scholarship Examination in Class Five.
3. General Scholarship in Junior Scholarship Examination in Class Eight.
4. Top position in “Boi Pore Jano” Competition in Bazar District.
5. Editor of the first Souvenir named “Smroner Janalai” of Department of Law, Jagannath University.



1. Md. Manir Alam, The Law , Justice and Injustice: An Exploration through Legal and Philosophical Paradigms, Journal of Nazrul University, ISSN 2227-5940, Volume-8, Number-1, (Joint Issue) December 2019 to June 2022,pp 91-105

2. Md. Manir Alam (with Irfan Aziz), An Overview of the Right to Privacy: Bangladesh Context, Barishal University Law Journal, ISSN 2411-247X, Volume 2, December 2021, pp 45-67

3. Md. Manir Alam (with Arindam Biswas), Violent Extremism in Bangladesh: A Persistent Challenge for Peace and Security, Nazrul University Law Review (NULR), ISSN 2959-7439, Volume-1, December 2022, pp 97-118

4. Md. Manir Alam (with Irfan Aziz), The Formation of the Election Commission in Bangladesh and other South Western Bangladesh: A Cross Sectional Survey, Journal of Governance and Development, ISSN 2710- , Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2022, pp 241-252

5. Md. Manir Alam, “Assessing the Awareness of the Constitution of Bangladesh: An Empirical Study on the Secondary and Tertiary Level Students in Mymensingh District, Journal of Legal Studies and Research, ISSN 2455-2437, Volume 9, Issue-4, July-August 2023, pp 91-115 Paper


1. “Assessing the Awareness of the Constitution of Bangladesh: An Empirical Study on the Secondary and Tertiary Level Students in Mymensingh District” in the 2nd Conference On the International Convention on Business, Technology and Justice organized by Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh


1. Lecture on Legacy of the Bangladesh Constitution, on Virtual South Asian Legal Nexus Symposium, organised by JKKNIU Moot Court Society and Legal Research Society Nepal


1.Month long certificate course on “Genocide And Justice” organized by “Centre for Genocide and Justice ,Liberation War Museum”
2.Two days long International Conference on”1971: Liberation War,Genocide, Torture and Liberation War Studies”organized by 1971:genocide-torture archive and Museum.
3.Two days long workshop on “Practical  Application  of international Human Rights and Criminal law” conducted by Patric Burgress ,President  of Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR).
4.Workshop on “Transitional Justice in Asia and Participatory Research Tools with Survivors” conducted by Gallu Wandita and Polly Dewhrist,(AJAR) .
5.National Youth Conference on Global refugee Crisis 2018 organised by bri.
6. Workshop on International Youth Empowerment,Law and Human Rights workshop 2018.




MBA & BBA (Human Resource Management)
Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University.


1. Factors Affecting Job satisfaction of Bank employees in Bangladesh :  A study in Mymensingh city.
Journal: European Journal of Business and Management
ISSN: 2222-1905(paper) ISSN:2222-2838(online)
2. Exploring the Key Practices of E-HRM in Place of Traditional HRM: A Study on Private Industry of Bangladesh
Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies
ISSN Print: 2328-4862
ISSN Online: 2328-4870


B.Sc. in ME, CUET